Graffiti in Place Database

The Musawwarat Graffiti Archive is immediately accessible to non-specialists and provides additional information on spatial relationships to researchers. The interactive ‘explore’ section of the Pictures in Place Database allows a virtual walk through the archaeological site by clicking on maps and photos. The ‘explore’ section can be clicked through to the level of the single blocks where information about each block and its graffiti is displayed.

Tracings and detail photographs are linked to each block and each graffito as well as additional information such as its state of preservation and its exact position at the site and on the individual walls. All information is also accessible by browsing or searching the database.

All photos are presented using the digilib image viewer, allowing the user to zoom in and inspect images at the highest resolution even on low-bandwith connections. The images can also be annotated and referenced for use in online publications.

With the start of the Musawwarat Graffiti Archive project in early 2011, work focussed on Complex 300 in the eastern part of the Great Enclosure. Database entries currently describe 1542 graffiti on 1598 blocks of Temple 300 at the centre of Complex 300, one of the most densely marked buildings at the site. At this moment, the archive contains more than 2,500 photographs as well as 900 drawings of the graffiti of Temple 300.

Side Photo
Screenshot of search results from the Graffiti in Place Database

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Screenshot of digilib picture viewer