Graffiti in Place Database

The Musawwarat Graffiti Archive, via its 'Graffiti in Place Database', provides access to a large part of the research database of the Musawwarat Graffiti Project. As the research database is updated and expanded, its web-based counterpart is accordingly updated. Visitors to the site should keep in mind that they are witnessing 'work in progress' and that information may be revised as the Musawwarat Graffiti Project is progressing.

The graffiti can be explored in their location contexts via a virtual 'walk' through the archaeological site by clicking on maps and photos in the 'explore' section. This function can be clicked through to the level of the single blocks where information about each block and its graffiti is displayed. Alternatively, the data can be browsed or searched according to various criteria, such as date, location or motif. Drawings, tracings and detail photographs are linked to each block and graffito data set together with descriptive information such as measurements, state of preservation and positioning at the site and on the individual walls. The 'digilib' image viewer allows the user to zoom in and view images at high resolution, and to annotate and reference images for online publication.

Due to the large number of graffiti to be documented at the numerous walls of the Great Enclosure, work has initially focused on Complex 300 in the eastern part of the building complex. Complex 300 comprises Temple 300 with its cella (301), porticus (302) and ramp (303) as well as the courtyards 304-307. Data on all other parts of the Great Enclosure (Complexes 100, 200, 400-600) and on other monuments at Musawwarat will be made accessible as the Musawwarat Graffiti Project progresses. Database entries currently describe nearly 4000 graffiti entities on the 1599 sandstone blocks of Temple 300. At the moment, the archive contains more than 2,500 photographs as well as 900 drawings of the temple and its graffiti.

Text: Cornelia Kleinitz & Robert Casties (2011)

Side Photo
Screenshot of search results from the 'Graffiti in Place Database' (screenshot: Robert Casties, 2011)

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Screenshot of 'digilib' picture viewer (screenshot: Robert Casties, 2011)