Terminology: Graffiti Location

Within the research database each graffito is described in its exact location context on one or several blocks block of a wall of the Great Enclosure. The wall faces are named according to the room which the wall is part of and the room the wall borders. Walls 301/302 and 302/301 thus name two faces of the same wall: 301/302 the wall face within room 301 that borders room 302, and 302_301 the wall face within room 302 that borders room 301. Accordingly, wall 301E/304 names the wall face on the eastern side of room 301 that borders courtyard 304, while 301W/304 names the wall face on the western side of room 301 that also borders courtyard 304 – which surrounds the temple on all sides.

Each of the walls is constructed of sandstone blocks, which are numbered in the database according to block layer and a consecutive number for each block of each layer. The uppermost preserved block layer is named a ‘layer 1’ (even if there is no more than one block in situ). The one below is termed ‘layer 2’ and so on, down to the lowest layer visible above the present ground surface. Block 301E/304/1/1 is the first block in the upper left corner of wall 301E/304 – the assignation of consecutive block numbers begins on the left hand side of a block layer – while block 301E/304/2/1 is the first block on the left hand side of the second block layer of the same wall. Blocks of the lowest layer above the present ground surface are often only partially visible. Where the present ground level is higher than the ancient one – especially in the courtyards – block layers with their graffiti are now located below the modern ground surface.

While each graffito is referenced in the research database according to its exact location on one or more blocks, graffiti numbers are attributed according to the wall they were incised into. Graffito number 301E/304.1 is thus the first graffito that was described on wall 301E/304, graffito 301E/304.256 would be the 256th graffito described on the same wall.

Text: Cornelia Kleinitz (2012)

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