Digitising the Ursula Hintze Archive (1960s)

Ursula Hintze's graffiti archive has been digitised since 2007 and is in the process of being catalogued. It comprises:

- Black and white photographs of a selection of the graffiti taken in the late 1960s

- Written documentation of a selection of graffiti from the 1960s, including a card catalogue

- Drawings (from photos) by C. Link of a selection of the graffiti from the 1970s

One paper on the graffiti of Musawwarat was published by Ursula Hintze:

Hintze, U. (1979), ‘The Graffiti from the Great Enclosure at Musawwarat es Sufra’, in: F. Hintze (ed.), Africa in Antiquity. The Arts of Ancient Nubia and the Sudan. Meroitica 5. Berlin: 135-150.

Side Photo
Card catalogue entry for graffito 302-1 by Ursula Hintze, reading: 'ram (Amun) lying on an altar'

Side Photo
Drawing of the above graffiti from a black and white photo by C. Link