Eighth Field Season (Autumn 2014)

The very short eighth field season of the Musawwarat Graffiti Project continued the systematic documentation strategy developed during the previous seasons, including the descriptive documentation of all preserved graffiti in their location context. Documentation focussed on Complex 500, especially on densely decorated and well preserved walls with multiple superimpositions and juxtapositions, which are hoped to help establish a relative chronology of graffiti (making) at Musawwarat. These densely decorated (and labour intensive) walls include the southern walls of the so-called 'West Chapel': 521/517 and 520/516.

Participants: Cornelia Kleinitz, Jens Weschenfelder, Victoria Grünberg, Roswitha Koenitz

Dates: October 2014

Duration: 2 weeks

Funding: Qatar-Sudan Archaeological Project

Text: Cornelia Kleinitz (2014)

Side Photo
'Making shadow': manipulating lighting conditions while documenting graffiti at Musawwarat (photo: Victoria Grünberg, 2014)

Side Photo
The weather was rather unpredictable this season. Dramatic clouds were only the beginning ... (photo: Victoria Grünberg, 2014)

Side Photo
Heavy rain frequently interrupted work, and resulted in a beautiful green landscape (photo: Victoria Grünberg, 2014)