Sixth Field Season (Autumn 2013)

The sixth field season of the Musawwarat Graffiti Project built on previous field seasons by systematically expanding the descriptive and photographic records on the Musawwarat graffiti. Documentation work focussed on Complexes 100 and 400, after previous field seasons had been dedicated to Complexes 200 and 300. The block-based documentation of the graffiti corpus followed the methodology established in the previous field seasons: The location, characteristics and the state of preservation of each block was noted. Each (potentially) artificial trace on each block surface was documented in the block sketches, and 'graffiti entities' that could be defined as such were classified, measured and described. 'Graffiti entities' were colour-coded in the field for quick recognition during the subsequent lab-based drawing process. Superimpositions and juxtapositions of 'graffiti entities' were documented. As had been observed in previous seasons, some sets of motifs are confined to specific walls or rooms.

Participants: Cornelia Kleinitz, Jens Weschenfelder, Juliette Brauer, Victoria Grünberg & Agata Sander

Dates: Oktober 2013

Duration: 3 weeks

Funding: Qatar-Sudan Archaeological Project

Text: Cornelia Kleinitz (2014)

Side Photo
Block-by-block descriptive documentation of an outside wall (115/106) of the 'Central Terrace' (photo: Cornelia Kleinitz, 2013)

Side Photo
Team member and a few blocks' work (photo: Cornelia Kleinitz, 2013)